Margot Livesey Welcomes Kathryn Harrison to Emerson College

margo.jpgMargot Livesey, the fiction editor of Ploughshares, welcomed Kathryn Harrison to Emerson College on October 1st 2009 with an eloquent speech praising the author. “Kathryn is one of those admirable writers who is not afraid to plunge into new material, new worlds,” she said. “And those new worlds are both interior and exterior.  As any reader of The Kiss and The Mother Knot knows she is a fearless pilgrim in the terrifying and arduous country of the self.”

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Richard Hoffman Welcomes Kathryn Harrison to Emerson College

umf-hoffman.gifOn October 1st, 2009 Richard Hoffman – author and Emerson College professor – introduced Fall 2009 Ploughshares guest-editor Kathryn Harrison at her Emerson College reading and afterward moderated a question and answer session with her.

“Harrison’s characters, like most if not all of us at some point in our lives, are looking for love in all the wrong places, usually because they are the only places — and people — available, and thereafter they must deal with the necessity of making meaning of those encounters — which is to say they must survive,” said Hoffman of Harrison in his introduction. “And this is to say, therefore, that Kathryn Harrison is one of our essential writers.”

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