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Anger Management

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Guest post by Megan Mayhew Bergman I’ve never worn anger well, especially the self-righteous kind. Last year I was in a park outside Raleigh, where a beautiful plot of farmland was being developed and new McMansion owners were shooing hikers away from parking on the street. I saw a

Yiyun Li Reads “Gold Boy, Emerald Girl”

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Yiyun Li, a contributor to the Winter 2004-05 issue and a 2010 recipient of the MacArthur “Genius Grant,” recently took some time to read the title story from her new collection, Gold Boy, Emerald Girl, for The Writers’ Block at KQED. The story “chronicles what happens when a professor

Why the Short Story Doesn’t Matter and Why You Shouldn’t Care

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The Lonely Reader, Part Four Guest post by Greg Schutz Three weeks ago, I began this series of posts with a simple question that’s been batted around a lot lately. To paraphrase: “Why, given the novel’s continuing viability and the increasing hustle and bustle of our society, is the

HTMLGIANT Literary Magazine Club

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Our friend Roxane Gay recently founded a literary magazine club at HTMLGIANT, a literature blog headed by Blake Butler, “that isn’t always about literature.” Members of the club will read a literary magazine every month–alternating between print and online journals–and discuss it on the blog, much like the traditional

Thanks for BBF

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We’d like to thank everyone who braved the blustery cold Saturday and joined us at the second annual Boston Book Festival. Though the wind was much stronger than anticipated (nearly blowing our tent in!), we had a splendid time with our booth-mates from Redivider, selling books and introducing new

Staying With the Tension

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Guest post by Megan Mayhew Bergman When we were in elementary school, my sister and I would always cut our viewing of The Sound of Music short because: A) it was a seriously long movie, and B) I couldn’t stand to watch Rolf crouch down in his jodhpurs and

Congratulations to Seamus Heaney

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All of us at Ploughshares would like to congratulate contributor and two-time guest editor Seamus Heaney, who recently won Britain’s Forward Prize. The award, which carries a monetary prize of £10,000, was presented for his collection Human Chain. It was his third nomination. More information can be found here. 

The Lonely Reader (Part Three)

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Guest post by Greg Schutz. Part one of this post appears here. Part two, here. Elle magazine’s review of Julie Orringer’s 2003 story collection How to Breathe Underwater contains the following preposterous, but sadly typical, statement: “Each story delivers the satisfying details and emotional heft of a novel.” The

Jim Shepard Video Recap!

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The full video from the Jim Shepard event is coming soon. In the meantime, here’s a quick recap for those who couldn’t make it!

Congratulations to National Book Award Poetry Finalists

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All of us at Ploughshares were excited to see the nominations for the National Book Award in Poetry, as four of the five nominees are contributors to our journal–including Terrance Hayes, guest editor of our upcoming Winter issue. He was nominated for Lighthead, his fourth collection. Hayes’s issue will be