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Peter Kline on his poem “Revisionary”

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Peter Kline’s poems, “Universal Movers” and “Revisionary,” appear in our Spring 2011 issue, guest edited by Colm Toibin.  “Revisionary” opens with these lines: We sharpen our lapidary eyes toward flaws, and see the easy cz disguise, Here, Kline admires and dedicates his poem to Kay Ryan: Over the last three

A Year Ago on the Ploughshares Blog

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2010 Behind the Scenes at Ploughshares: post by Joshua Garstka June 23, 2010 “We choose what emerges out of the batch in front of us,” says editor-in-chief Ladette Randolph. In this post, Joshua Garstka writes about the recipe behind the making of each Ploughshares issue. He answers questions regarding the

Free Ploughshares, Part Two: Tim O’Brien and Mark Strand

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It’s time for the second round of our fabulous Ploughshares sweepstakes! This week we’ll be giving away a copy of our Winter 1995/96 issue, guest edited by Tim O’Brien and Mark Strand, and featuring works by Louise Glück, Jorie Graham, Charles Simic, Joyce Carol Oates, and many more. In


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  This weekend, in the spirit of trying something new in the kitchen, I cooked up some kasha.  I will not be cooking up any more kasha. Kasha, for those of you who are like I was until very recently – that is, blissfully unaware of all manner of

To the Lighthouse

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Many writers weigh in on the effect of today’s numerous MFA programs on the quality of contemporary fiction writing. Like others, I am—helpfully—100% ambivalent. The MFA served me well in many ways. After I graduated from college I went right into a full-time job editing sewage treatment reports for


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  Last week, we had our first probably-twister since coming to live in beautiful Cullowhee; in the mountains, it’s hard for a tornado to get up a good whirl, and by and large our weather is so temperate we’re ashamed to complain about it.  (I also felled my first

Hester Kaplan on her story “Natural Wonder”

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Hester Kaplan’s story, “Natural Wonder,” appears in our Spring 2011 issue, guest edited by Colm Toibin.  The story opens with these lines: Once, when she’d been walking in her neighborhood, a car had stopped for directions to Alsop, the psychiatric hospital perched above the Blackstone River.  How to get there

A Year Ago on the Ploughshares blog

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2010 The Conceit of Wisdom: guest post by Carol Keeley June 18, 2010 How is the Internet rewiring our brains? Carol Keeley opens up a forum for discussion as she highlights Nicholas Carr’s book The Shallows, which discusses how the Internet changes our reading and writing habits by fostering

Word List

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  For all of my adult life I’ve kept a list of words.  Each time that I come across an unfamiliar word in my reading, I try to dutifully look it up in the dictionary and copy down its definition.  There have been busy weeks when I’ve let it

First Free Ploughshares: Lorrie Moore

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This issue of Ploughshares from Fall 1998 is just dying to be read. Lorrie Moore guest-edited this all-fiction issue with tender loving care, and selected work by Mona Simpson, Robert Boswell, Charles Baxter, and Gish Jen. Here’s a post on how this works. Leave a comment with some info