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  • Amy Newman on Her Favorite Cashier and the Poetry of Everyday Moments
    July 27, 2010
    In the Spring 2010 Elizabeth Strout issue, Amy Newman’s two poems, “Cat” and “Making Small Talk, the Cashier at the Grocery Store Inadvertently Creates a Religion,” illuminate qualities of everyday life that are often overlooked. These subtle moments in her poems “unearth all (her) longing” and provide an acute understanding of the ordinary world. Read more of Newman’s work and discover her most recent book of poems, Dear Editor, which will debut in December 2011.
  • Jay Rogoff on History and Poetry in Contemporary Ballet
    July 28, 2010
    In “Swanilda Meets Her Twin,” Jay Rogoff unites the history of the Franco-Prussian war with ballet and his poetic imagination.  The poem begins with questioning and ends with, “stone silence from your dead heart.” Rogoff, in his new book of poems The Code of Terspichore, continues to unite history and ballet with his own imaginative verse. It will appear from LSU press in 2011.