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  • To begin with, please keep conversation polite and respectful. We encourage discussion and debate, even on controversial issues, and we know that you won’t necessarily agree with each other. However, please keep your disagreements civil and focus on your ideas, not the people you are disagreeing with.
  • Please post only your own work. We love when you link to or quote from relevant articles or stories, but please attribute the work to its creator in accordance with copyright law. You wouldn’t want someone to take credit for your writing, so treat others’ work with respect.
  • On that note, all the content on the Ploughshares blog is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in other blogs, websites, or publications, except under Fair Use guidelines: If you do quote from or excerpt content from our blog, please attribute it to Ploughshares and the post’s author and include a link to the original post.
  • We hope you will share your ideas and experiences as writers and readers on this blog, but this is not a place for advertising or promoting. We will remove any comments that stray into this territory, so try to steer clear.
  • We will publish comments regardless of opinion, but we will moderate the conversation to prevent spammers and keep conversation civil. We will remove any comments that are threatening, harassing, obscene, or discriminatory which includes personal attacks, hate speech, name calling, and insult hurling.

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