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My Last Post on Small Presses: Your Favorites

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This will be my last post for Ploughshares on small presses. It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot in the process myself.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to post about other small presses that readers have suggested. Since I’m an egalitarian type, I always wonder,

Interview with Mary Biddinger, Series Editor for the Akron Series in Poetry

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In truth, I had never put much thought into the Akron Series in Poetry in the past, partially due to my own ignorance, and partially due to aesthetics.  However, lately, I’ve been more interested in the Series, edited by Mary Biddinger relatively recently beginning in 2008.  I love what Mary

Black Ocean, An Interview with Janaka Stucky and Carrie Adams

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Continuing my quest to learn about interesting small presses, I had the opportunity to interview Black Ocean editors, Janaka Stucky and Carrie Adams.  Black Ocean has generated a fair amount of buzz around their small press and I was curious to learn more about them and what they’re working on.

Small Press Spotlight: Canarium Books

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As I said in my previous blog post about the most intriguing small presses publishing poetry, I really think small presses are publishing some of the really interesting poetry out there right now.  I had the good fortune of speaking with Joshua Edwards, the editor of Canarium Books.  He

Small Presses—Where to Look for Intriguing Poetry

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As a poet, I am always trying to do new things with my own work, trying to push my own boundaries so that I don’t end up writing the same poem over and over in the same way for the rest of my life. The tough question is, how