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Mother Is a Verb by Sarah Knott

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Sarah Knott, an historian and faculty member at Indiana University Bloomington, has reached deep into archival material for stories of how mothers of the past spent their days.

Black is the Body: Stories from My Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, And Mine by Emily Bernard

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Emily Bernard writes she is "most interested in blackness at its borders, where it meets whiteness, in fear and hope, in anguish and love." She examines this intersection closely, with her own life as a case study, to see where the pieces fit together neatly, and where their edges

The Ensemble by Aja Gabel

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Gabel studied cello for years and her experience is evident as she spools out the plot, repeats motifs and varies the story's tempo and dynamics. Music dictates the structure of the book, too, which is arranged in four parts, like a concerto, with a short coda at the end.

The Art of the Wasted Day by Patricia Hampl

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Hampl has been writing at the intersection of memoir and essay for most of her life. Now, displaying a heightened partnership of experience and reflection, she revisits people and events with insight produced by leisure and the ostensibly wasted day.