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“The Woman in Me is Thousands of Years Old:” An Interview with Zeina Hashem Beck

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Zeina Hashem Beck’s new poetry collection, Louder than Hearts, takes the idea of brokenness—of fragmented languages and lands—and weaves together whole worlds rich in the musicality and beauty of the Arab world.

An Interview with Megan Bradbury of The Book Hive

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The Book Hive is a much-beloved independent bookshop that sits on the slope of a hill in Norwich’s town center. By purchasing from independent presses and maintaining a tailor-made monthly subscription service, the shop pushes the readers of Norwich down unexpected avenues.

“There’s Value in Translating All Kinds of Things”: An Interview with Dr. Karen Emmerich

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Anglophone readers owe a debt to translator and professor Dr. Karen Emmerich for her many contributions to Greek literature in translation. Currently a professor of Comparative Litearture at Princeton University, Emmerich has translated everyone from Yiannis Ritsos to Margarita Karapanou to Christos Ikonomou.

“The characters get to talk back all the time”: An Interview with Michael Blouin

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His latest novel Legend appears with TalonBooks this fall, and a subsequent novel, Skin House, appears with Anvil Press in Spring of 2018.

The Narrative Medium of our Times: An Interview with TV Critic Matthew Gilbert

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TV is no longer the second cousin to film; in many ways, it’s become the higher art form. And to a great extent, television has become society’s barometer—it shapes and tells us more about who we are than almost any other medium.

Multiple Effects: An Interview With Erín Moure on Translation

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Over the past decade or so, Erín Moure has become just as well-known for her translation work as for her own writing. She has published sixteen books of poetry, a book of essays, and has translated fifteen volumes of poetry from French, Spanish, Galician, and Portuguese.

“Never Not Writing”: An Interview With Gary McDowell

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My introduction to Gary McDowell’s writing came through his poems, so it’s no surprise his essays feel so poetic—in the best sense of that word. We caught up via email to talk about what’s different (and what’s not) between writing poems and writing essays.

“All the Leading and Leaping”: An Interview With Kathy Fagan

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Kathy Fagan’s poems explore the mysteries in the matter-of-fact; they bring a sharp eye and tender heart to the exact and strange particulars of life. Her fifth book of poems, Sycamore, was published earlier this year. We caught up over email to talk about this beautiful new book.

The Space of Risk: An Interview With Jacob Wren

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When I first encountered Jacob Wren and his work, it was in the mid-1990s, back when he was a Toronto poet known as Death Waits. Now, as co-artistic director of PME-ART, he exists as a constantly moving target, exploring performance through collaboration, text, and multiple other means.

An Interview with Adam Biles of Shakespeare and Company

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Shakespeare and Company is one of the best-known bookshops in the world. The first time I visited was a hot summer’s day many years ago. I was a little embarrassed about my tourist’s awe.