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An Interview with Book Designer Kate Hargreaves

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Kate Hargreaves is a writer and roller derby skater who also happens to be one of the most active literary book and cover designers in Canada over the past few years, having designed titles for numerous presses.

“I Decided to Let This Stuff Hit the Page”: An Interview with Christopher Salerno

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Sun & Urn, Christopher Salerno’s latest book of poems, is filled with grief and loss, but deep down, it’s also a tender, sometimes funny, ultimately hopeful book. We talked about how you go from writing a poem to putting a book together.

Some Poems Sing Through Us: An Interview with Susan Elmslie

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With the appearance of Susan Elmslie's long-awaited second full-length collection Museum of Kindness, I asked her a few questions about it, and about writing in general.

“A Sort of Sci-Fi Apocalypse of Flowers”: An Interview with Karim Kattan

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Karim Kattan is a young writer who lives between Bethlehem and Paris. He has written for The Paris Review, Vice’s i-D, and The Funambulist, among others. In 2014, he founded el-Atlal, a yearly residency in Jericho for artists and writers. Préliminaires pour un verger futur, published by Elyzad, is

Orison Books and the Literature of the Spirit

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Orison Books, founded and edited by Luke Hankins, is a nonprofit literary press whose mission explicitly states its desire to publish books that focus on the life of the spirit.

“Written in a Terrible Irish Bar in the Bastille”: An Interview with Paisley Rekdal

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Paisley Rekdal’s writing explores identity in its many facets: the experiences and influences that make us who we are and all the ways we shape, and are shaped by, our world. I had the chance to connect with this writer I’ve long admired to talk about Imaginary Vessels.

Readerships Without Borders: An Interview with Michael Reynolds, Editor-in-Chief of Europa Editions

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I chatted with Michael Reynolds about his Bookselling Without Borders program, Europa Editions’ unique mission in the field of translation publishing, and how Reynolds’ life and time abroad informs his sensibilities as an editor.

“The Woman in Me is Thousands of Years Old:” An Interview with Zeina Hashem Beck

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Zeina Hashem Beck’s new poetry collection, Louder than Hearts, takes the idea of brokenness—of fragmented languages and lands—and weaves together whole worlds rich in the musicality and beauty of the Arab world.

An Interview with Megan Bradbury of The Book Hive

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The Book Hive is a much-beloved independent bookshop that sits on the slope of a hill in Norwich’s town center. By purchasing from independent presses and maintaining a tailor-made monthly subscription service, the shop pushes the readers of Norwich down unexpected avenues.

“There’s Value in Translating All Kinds of Things”: An Interview with Dr. Karen Emmerich

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Anglophone readers owe a debt to translator and professor Dr. Karen Emmerich for her many contributions to Greek literature in translation. Currently a professor of Comparative Litearture at Princeton University, Emmerich has translated everyone from Yiannis Ritsos to Margarita Karapanou to Christos Ikonomou.