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Indy Spotlight: Caketrain Press

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Founded little more than ten years ago in Pittsburgh by Donna Weaver, Amanda Raczkowski, and Joseph Reed, Caketrain Press (still run by editors Raczkowski and Reed) publishes a journal and sponsors a yearly chapbook competition that alternates between poetry and fiction. The press also puts out about two titles

Indy Spotlight: Rose Metal Press

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When Rose Metal Press entered the book scene in 2006, they quickly established themselves as a go-to publisher for experimental flash and micro work. The range of their list is impressive, from Jim Goar’s Louisiana Purchase, a poetry collection giving a surreal spin to the history of the American

Indy Spotlight: Red Hen Press

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In the past twenty years, Red Hen Press has evolved from a small collective formed by L.A.-based writers to a press with international presence, publishing around 20 titles per year. Red Hen also houses the literary magazine Los Angeles Review, and the press has three imprints—Arktoi, which publishes literary

An Interview with Mary Pipher, Author of The Green Boat: Reviving Ourselves in Our Capsized Culture

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The cure for knowing too much is not knowing less, but rather understanding what to do with the information we have. —Mary Pipher, The Green Boat It’s rare I finish a book wanting to shout from the rooftops how great it is, and even more rare that I read

I Am Not the Actor; This Can’t Be the Scene: Quadrophenia b/w Nick Flynn’s The Reenactments

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I feel as if I were in a motion picture theater, the long arm of the light crossing the darkness and spinning my eyes, fixed on the screen. —Delmore Schwartz, In Dreams Begin Responsibilities There’s truth in patterns of nature that endlessly replicate, like the Fibonacci spiral, the syntax of

Be Mindful While Fishing For Dummies

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Creating order out of chaos is hardly unusual. We have street signs, calendars, phone books, and maps; we even have plastic bins from Target perfectly shaped for silverware, or file folders, or rolls of holiday wrapping paper, designed to make our lives neat and color-coded and infinitely easier. Yet

An Interview with Emerging Writer’s Contest Winner Thomas Lee

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Thomas Lee is the first winner of our Emerging Writer’s Contest. His story, “The Gospel of Blackbird,” appears in the current Alice Hoffman issue, and he is also one of our new guest bloggers. We sat down and spoke with him several months ago about balancing work and writing,

An Interview with Zacharis Award Winner Christine Sneed

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We are happy to announce that Christine Sneed has won the twenty-first John C. Zacharis First Book Award for her short story collection, Portraits of a Few of the People I’ve Made Cry (University of Massachusetts Press, 2010). The $1,500 award, named after Emerson College’s former president, honors the

40th Anniversary Interview with DeWitt Henry

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In honor of our 40th anniversary, the guest editor of our commemorative Summer 2011 issue, DeWitt Henry, answered a few questions about the past, present, and future of our beloved literary magazine. To read more about the 4oth anniversary and upcoming events, read the partner to this interview post,

Interview with Valerie Brennan, cover artist for the Colm Toibin Issue

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Valerie Brennan is the artist whose painting appears on the cover of our Spring 2011 issue, guest edited by Colm Toibin.  I (the web/marketing editor here at Ploughshares) asked her a few questions about this particular painting, current inspirations, and her work in general. Ploughshares: First off, is there