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The Ploughshares blog has evolved quite a bit since we launched it at the end of 2009. We’ve added book reviews, the Literary Boroughs series, and the Ploughshares Round-Down, and invited our contributors to guest-blog about topics near and dear to their hearts.

Today, our blog continues to evolve. Please read on for how you can contribute!

Call for Bloggers:

We are now open to applications for regular bloggers, who will post on a variety of topics throughout the year. Bloggers will be required to submit at least 10 posts throughout the year (about every 4–5 weeks), and preferably at least 16 (about every 3 weeks).

We are looking for fresh ideas, fresh faces, and fresh voices. Although the posts should be relevant to a literary audience, don’t feel hampered by the topics we’ve previously covered.

What you get out of it: a subscription to the print journal, and an established platform for your writing. We also offer a cash bonus based on article page views (details will be explained if you are invited to blog).

If you are interested, please send a proposal with:

  • At least 5-7 ideas for specific posts
  • At least 3 ideas for specific recurring series
  • A link to your previously published writing
  • Your Twitter handle, if you have one
  • A brief explanation of previous blogging experience

Remember: Blogs are a unique medium. Think about how you can take advantage of it!

Send proposals to Ellen Duffer (managing editor) at Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but please note it may be several weeks before you hear from us and several more before successful applicants are asked to start.


Q. I have a great idea for a one-off post! Can I submit that to you as well?

A. You may submit one-off book reviews to However, please do not send proposals for other one-off blog posts; we’re only interested in taking on full-time bloggers! Note that our reviews tend to run under 500 words, and we cannot review books by current Emerson faculty. For full review guidelines, please email the address above.

Q. If I’m selected as a regular blogger, can I still submit one-off book reviews?

A. Yes, but they will not count towards your contracted posts.

Q. I currently work at/attend Emerson College. Can I apply?

A. Regrettably, we cannot accept blogger applications from anyone who currently attends or works at Emerson College.

Q. I live outside the United States. Can I apply?

A. You can! However, please note that any payments we make to you will be via U.S. dollar check.

Q. Are there any other requirements for a Ploughshares blogger?

All bloggers will be required to sign a contract with PloughsharesIf you’re legally unable to enter into a contract with a U.S. organization, you cannot apply. We also reserve the right to reject any applicant we deem unsuitable under this requirement.

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