Crazy Single Issue Sale – $2 each!

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Ploughshares back issues

We are clearing out our storage facility and office storage, so now is the time to stock up on back issues of Ploughshares. As we slowly but surely convert our archive into eBooks, we’ll be clearing out our back issue inventory.

It’s not that we don’t love these old paper copies. It’s just that they’re heavy, take up a lot of space, and are expensive to store. We all have bad backs from moving boxes around, and our interns would much rather be fetching us coffee than counting inventory and sorting through boxes.*

Now is your chance to pick up back issues (and more current issues) of Ploughshares¬†at a deep discount. If you order 7 issues or more, you will get $5 off every issue. Since 75 of the issues are marked $7, that’s just $2 EACH! This discount even applies to our newest issues. Just add 7 or more single issues to your cart and you’ll receive $5 off every single one.

For example, you could buy:

1 Elizabeth Strout (Spring 2010): $2

1 Richard Ford (Fall 1996): $2

1 Tim O’Brien (Spring 1976): $2

1 Raymond Carver (Winter 1983): $2

1 Maxine Kumin (Spring 1988): $2

1 Tobias Wolff (Fall 1992): $2

1 Derek Walcott (Spring 1987) : $2

With $5.75 shipping, you would pay a grand total of $19.75 for almost a thousand pages of writing edited by some of the greatest modern writers in English.

Don’t wait too long to order, because once we run out of these issues they’ll never again be available for purchase in print. Here’s the link to the sale page.

*Ploughshares interns do not actually fetch coffee.