DeWitt Henry interviewed by Night Train

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Our next guest editor and co-founder of Ploughshares, DeWitt Henry, was interviewed recently by Rusty Barns for Night Train.  The Summer 2011 issue will celebrate our 40th anniversary as a literary magazine -which wouldn’t have been possible without DeWitt’s contributions.  In the interview (which you can read here), DeWitt talks about Ploughshares, how writing memoirs affects his family, and where he finds inspiration.

On the topic of inspiration, after listing several books he loves to read and reread, he said:

Memoir and biography fascinate me as explorations of what we know, feel, and believe about plot and personality. But life itself, the muddle and challenge of loving, inspire me most. When I find myself at the loss for words; when I can’t explain myself; when I have pent up anger and estrangement; when my best intentions are misunderstood; when I feel ashamed: those are moments that drive me to paper, to words. These, and the sheer beauties of life as well, the clear days when you can see forever.

Be sure to check back for more information about our 40th anniversary and the upcoming issue, guest edited by DeWitt Henry.