Ed Pavlic on his poem “It’s a Dream Wherein…”

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Ed Pavlic’s poem, “It’s a Dream Wherein – Finally, and by That I Mean Right Away, Which Is to Say, Just in Time – I Understand Circular Breathing,” appears in our Winter 2010-11 issue, edited by Terrance Hayes. The poem opens with these lines:

It’s my first class in the infra-tactile studies program it meets in the Incunabula Collection of the Bancroft

it’s Nate Mackey’s class
Professor Mackey is young

wears jeans and Professor Mackey wears a brown leather belt

Here, Pavlic explains how a dream lead to the poem, a dream that presented itself as a poem:

“It’s a Dream Wherein. . .” showed up just like it says, in a dream. I dislike poems that announce themselves as dreams; apparently, I prefer dreams that announce themselves as poems. In the dream, every line began with “and,” and, I thought that was stupid. So, it was fun pouring this dream into a floating three-line stanza and wondering the while what it was about. About: homage, of course; an instant’s bloom of X-Acto blades; creases of Nous–Mind; and the pleasure of rigor.