Future Ploughshares Guest Editor

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Ploughshares production manager Akshay Ahuja and his wife Beth Faller welcomed a baby boy into the world on May 1st, and there was much rejoicing. Eamon Kenneth Ahuja, whom we estimate will be guest-editing Ploughshares sometime in the 2040s or 2050s, toured the office last week. He graciously donned the outfit that we gifted him, although he found it a little roomy and declared that he would need some more time to grow into it. Although he enjoyed being held and fussed over by all in attendance, he eventually requested that his father soothe him by holding him like a football, and then asked his mother to take him home again because he had some reading to catch up on.

Now that Akshay is both a father and a writer, he’d do well to read this post on remaining the latter by Ian Stansel.