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We have some sad news. Jon Simmons, our marketing intern and Emerson College senior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major, is leaving us at the end of the spring semester.

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Sad Jon.


We knew it was going to happen, because in the cruel world of literary magazines interns are ephemeral creatures: here one day, gone the next, leaving those of us who remain bereft and confused, ever longing for something we can never get back.

Here at Ploughshares, we almost never lack for interest in editorial internships. We know why: it sounds infinitely more glamorous, and typically people who are interested in literary magazines tend to be interested in the editorial aspects of it. That’s cool. We get it.

But! The marketing intern actually gets to do lots of fun stuff. This semester, Jon wrote and scheduled almost all of the social media for us, which entails lots of blog reading, and wrote round-up posts on the blog. In fact, Jon probably did more writing than any of our editorial interns did.

Marketing is a creative pursuit, and it’s so important for literary magazines. After all, don’t you want someone to read all the great stuff that is published?

So, if you’re in Boston this summer, and have an interest in learning more about marketing literary magazines, and maybe even have a little experience in that area already, please consider submitting an application by April 15th. It would make Jon (and me) very happy.

Happy Jon.

Happy Jon.

Would you like more information about our marketing internship? Please visit the internship page on our website HERE. There is an application that requires more than just sending a resume and cover letter, so be forewarned, but have fun with it! Seriously. Use the press release prompt to stretch your creativity because nothing is worse than reading a boring press release. Nothing.


Interns at Ploughshares skip into work every day because they have so much fun here. Interns perform duties that are Important and learn Skills that help them get Jobs. That is, Jobs that pay money. Ploughshares interns do not make money here, but we do sometimes get ice cream and there’s free coffee. Also, you will be coerced into taking random photos that will be used on social media and the blog (see: above, and; below).

They are spelling AWP, of course.

They are spelling AWP, of course.

BONUS GIF! Turn Jon’s frown upside down.

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