New Ploughshares Solo Now Available!


We’re excited to announce the release of our latest Solo, “The Girl Who Lied” by Uche Okonkwo! Kemi, a risk-taker who’s used to getting her way, and Tola, shy and obedient, couldn’t be more different, but when boarding school brings the two together, they become inseparable. Their friendship and Tola’s morals are put to the test when Kemi is involved in a serious and suspicious accident. Tola must make the difficult decision of telling the truth and obeying the gown-ups or protecting the secret of her newfound friend.

Here’s an excerpt from the Solo:

The first time I saw Kemi she was causing a scene. Everyone stopped to watch–the boarding house staff, the students they were checking in, and the parents carrying luggage into the hostels. In front of the hostels, in the open space where cars were parked, a woman stood by the back door of a shiny Land Cruiser with dark tinted windows, struggling to wrench herself free from Kemi, whose hands were locked around her middle. Kemi was holding on from behind, her body bent at the waist. Her face was buried in the small of the woman’s back and her feet anchored in the sandy ground. Dark sunglasses covered the woman’s eyes, and she was muttering through stiff lips. The driver’s door flew open and a short, harassed-looking man hurried out of the car. He grabbed Kemi around the waist and pulled, his eyes bulging. When he managed to rip Kemi from the woman he carried her, kicking and screaming, off in the direction of the school matron’s house. I wasn’t surprised by the laughter that had erupted around me, but I couldn’t join in.

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About the Author
Uche Okonkwo lives in Lagos, Nigeria, where she works as managing editor at one of Nigeria’s leading independent publishers. She has an MA in Creative Writing from University of Manchester, UK (2012-2013), and she won the inaugural Africa-wide Etisalat Flash Fiction (2013) Prize. In 2016, she was selected to participate in a trans-Nigerian road trip project by Invisible Borders, with the aim of documenting Nigeria’s history and diversity. Her essay, “What the Road Offers” (published by Invisible Borders in 2016 as a limited-edition chapbook) was the product of the project. Uche’s work has appeared in The Manchester AnthologyEllipsisPer ContraThe Ember JournalAfreada and others, and is forthcoming in Lagos Noir by Akashic Books. She will be attending a writing residency at Omi International Arts Centre, Ledig House, New York in March 2017.

About Ploughshares Solos
Ploughshares Solos are stories and essays too long for our traditional print journal that we publish in an affordable, digital format nine times a year. For more information and some great reading material, check out our previously published Solos, or the Ploughshares Solos Omnibus Volume 4.

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