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Horiuchi-blog-2We’re excited to announce the release of our latest solo, “Bones” by Lisa HoriuchiKyle Walker has spent his life working to the top of the corporate ladder, but now that retirement has come for him, he’s not sure what’s next. A chance encounter at a bar sends Kyle to Belize to chase adventure and an archaeological discovery that could make history. 

Here’s an excerpt from the Solo:

“It’s true,” she said to herself. “Retired people do die when they slow down.”

“Die?” Kyle said. “Nobody’s dying over here. I’ve got a full bank account and no kids pulling at the old purse strings. This is when life begins. I’m ready. Raring, even.”

Brenda jerked back, suddenly alive, making a full, sloppy turn on her stool as if her entire body were a half-step behind. “You are Indiana Jones. But not like, from way back, when he was all studly with his whip and cargo pants and stuff.”

“Gee. Thanks.”

“No, I mean the way he’d be now.” She patted at the air in front of his face as if to fan her ideas his way. “Older, but still adventuring. Is that a word? Looking for your next project, say.”

Read “Bones” today for $1.99!

About the Author
Lisa Horiuchi is a September 2016 graduate of the UC Irvine Programs in Writing, where she wrote “Bones”—one of a collection of stories exploring the triumphs and delusions of the American white-collar worker. She is a former marketing and business strategist with an MBA from the USC Marshall School, and has served in a wide variety of industries including toy manufacturing, health and beauty, software, and clean technology. A practicing Mahayana Buddhist, Horiuchi lives in Los Angeles with her family and is currently working on a novel. 

About Ploughshares  Solos
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