New Ploughshares Solo Now Available!

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We’re excited to announce the release of our latest solo, “Girl of Few Seasons” by Rachel Kondo!

The only reason Ebo enlists to fight in Vietnam is because it means a free trip to O’ahu where he can visit his younger sister, Momo. He hasn’t seen Momo, who is disabled, since she became a ward of the state. During his last night before leaving for basic training, Ebo’s mother lets him in on a secret, which forces him to question his future, the importance of family, and who he really is. 

Here’s an excerpt from the Solo:

The night before he left for basic training, Ebo had one last pigeon to kill—a cream barred homer from the old line of Stichelbaut. The bird was from a long strain of impressive racers, a gift from his mother when he was nine years old. Ebo had put off killing this bird, his favorite, by killing all the others first: one, sometimes two, a day. It had to be done. The birds would not stay away from their coop and his leaving home meant there would be no one to care for them. Not his mother, not Daddy, who wasn’t his father, and especially not his younger sister Momoyo, who was a ward of the State. Momo would have if she could.

Read “Girl of Few Seasons” today for $1.99!

About the Author
Rachel Kondo was born and raised on Maui. In 2014, she was a finalist for the Keene Prize for Literature, as well as the Austin Film Festival Script Competition. Her writing has appeared in Electric Literature. She is currently at work on a short story collection spanning Maui’s sugar history, as well as a novel set during the island’s methamphetamine crisis of the 1990s. At present, she lives in Los Angeles, California, and is a recent graduate of the Michener Center for Writers.

About Ploughshares  Solos
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