New Ploughshares Solo Now Available!

rsz_hamlin-blog2We’re excited to announce the release of our latest solo, “Kaat” by Edward Hamlin!

Kaat is ready to marry her girlfriend Stone. They live together in Paris, are both pursuing their careers, and have even talked about having a baby. Then a motorcycle accident disrupts Kaat’s plans, and she is confronted by flaws in their seemingly perfect life and a secret that could destroy everything.

Here’s an excerpt from the Solo:

Traces of the accident lie like stigmata on Stone’s body. Patches of her coarse, straw-blond hair have been shaved so that wounds can be dressed. Her hard cheek is black and blue as though from a punch gone astray. A wound at her elbow has been crudely stapled. The broken leg, braced in a rigid white plastic collar, rises from its bolster like a ceremonial cannon.

Along the patient’s hand snakes a rivulet of dried blood. Kaat traces it with a moistened fingertip, touches it to her tongue, her lover’s essence faintly metallic, as if something of the crashed motorcycle has entered her bloodstream.

She tries to imagine the skid, the fall, the blaring horns. The twisted bike, the debris in the street. It must have been terrifying for the driver too.

Read “Kaat” today for $1.99!

Edward Hamlin’s Night in Erg Chebbi and Other Stories was selected by Pulitzer Prize finalist Karen Russell as winner of the 2015 Iowa Short Fiction Award and went on to win the Colorado Book Award. Over the past few years Edward’s stories have won the Nelligan Prize, the NCW Short Story Prize and a Top of the Mountain Novel Prize, and have been finalists or runners-up for the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction, the Narrative Story Prize, the Bridport Prize, Missouri Review’s Jeffrey E. Smith Prize, Sarabande Books’ Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction, the Nelson Algren Award, the Mary C. Mohr Editors’ Prize, the David Nathan Myerson Fiction Prize, the Press 53 Fiction Award, and other competitions. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Colorado Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Missouri Review, American Fiction, Chariton Review, Printers Row Journal, Tiferet, InDigest, Cobalt, and elsewhere. A New York native, Edward Hamlin spent his formative years in Chicago and now lives in Colorado.

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