New Ploughshares Solo Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest solo, “Sparrow” by Jill McCorkle.

When a mother and her baby are found dead in their car, a small New England town is forced to confront its secrets. As the news settles and rumors spread, the mother of the young family must grapple with the new understanding that this town is not the safe and peaceful place it pretends to be.

Read an excerpt from the Solo:

But the stories circulating about the young family from Delaware who lived in the beautiful red cape, now forever tainted by the tragedy, were not simple at all. There was no note; there was a whole chicken simmering in a crockpot on the kitchen counter; there were clothes still in the washing machine; the television was on and tuned to Disney Channel. It was as if the idea was sudden, impulsive….Someone heard the young mother had a history of depression (and who doesn’t? one woman asked). The word postpartum was whispered, especially if there was a pregnant woman nearby, and it seemed in those years that there was always a pregnant woman nearby. There were other details I tried not to hear, fearing that the end of her life would undermine what was the beginning of my new one.

Read “Sparrow” today for $1.99.

Jill McCorkle is the author of six novels, most recently Life After Life, and four story collections. Her work has appeared in numerous periodicals, four of her short stories have been selected for Best American Short Stories, and one essay has been published in Best American Essays. She has taught at Harvard, Brandeis, and North Carolina State, and currently teaches in the Bennington College Writing Seminars.

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