New Ploughshares Solo “The Soul in Paraphrase” Now Available!

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Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.45.07 AMWe’re excited to announce the release of our newest Ploughshares Solo, “The Soul in Paraphrase” by Robert Boswell. Ploughshares Solos are stories and essays too long for our traditional print journal that we publish in an affordable, digital format nine times a year. For more information and some great reading material, check out our previously published Solos, or the Ploughshares Solos Omnibus Volume 3.

About “The Soul in Paraphrase”

There’s a specter floating above the pews at afternoon mass. Father Montgovery has no idea why the ghostly presence has followed him around for years, but, when a longtime parishioner asks for help in getting his drug-addicted daughter clean, Father Montgovery must do his best to ignore the phantom and shift his focus to the physical, and sometimes harrowing, world. Written by esteemed author and former Ploughshares guest editor Robert Boswell, “The Soul in Paraphrase” explores sin, redemption, and the complexities of the human soul.

Here’s an excerpt from the Solo:

The floating thing hovers near, no more distinct for its proximity, a slick of translucent oil in a pan of transparent water. Montgovery places a soft palm on the other man’s shoulder. “I’ve heard about Ann.” He does not know which drug is the symptom of the girl’s addiction, but he is certain of the true cause: God’s will. “I’ve prayed for her.”

“Fat lot of good that’s done.”

“Let’s pray together.”

Herbert Jonson retreats into a cave of his deepmost self. The gape of his mouth is dark and almost rectangular, like a cellar window. The priest can smell the dank. Finally, Herbert says, “Nothing on earth can save her.”

Intrigued? Read “The Soul in Paraphrase” today for $1.99!

About Robert Boswell

Robert Boswell is the author of five novels (Century’s Son, American Owned Love, Mystery Ride, The Geography of Desire, Crooked Hearts), two story collections (Living to Be 100, Dancing in the Movies), and one play (Tongues). He shares the Cullen Chair in Creative Writing at the University of Houston with his wife, Antonya Nelson.

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