On Writing “Haloed Flotsam,” by David Thacker

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David Thacker’s poem, “Haloed Flotsam,” appears in our Winter 2012/13 issue, edited by Ladette Randolph and John Skoyles.

“Haloed Flotsam” is from a manuscript about pregnancy from a first-time father’s perspective. My wife and I have two daughters, and when our second was on the way, the experiences of the first pregnancy came washing back. I spent a lot of time thinking about how separated I felt from the process, how my wife was developing a relationship with this new member of the family while I watched from the wings, offering measly support. I also spent a lot of time wrestling with the gap between cultural expectations of how I was supposed to feel and how I actually felt. Writing the manuscript allowed me to reenact and explore the emotional realities I stumbled through.