Our Summer 2017 Issue Has Been Released!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our Summer 2017 issue! Acclaimed writer Stewart O’Nan guest-edits this fiction and nonfiction issue of Ploughshares, featuring new work from Stephen King, Christie Hodgen, Askold Melnyczuk, Michael Byers, and more.

As O’Nan writes in his introduction, “I want to feel moral confusion, because nothing in this world is simple. As a writer reading, I also admire the precision and audacity of an author’s language and use of form. Do it differently or better, or don’t do it at all.” Each story and essay contained in this collection marks an inventive and earnest effort to uncover the truths and mysteries of human nature. Each—in their own way—reminds us that nothing in this world is as straightforward as it at first appears.

For a preview of the work in this issue, read “Tandem Ride” by Goldie Goldbloom on our website.

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