Our very first Brooklyn Book Festival, in pictures

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On September 23rd, 2012, three Ploughshares staff members represented the magazine at the Brooklyn Book Festival. Please enjoy our journey, told almost exclusively through these 9 cell phone photos.

1. The week before: After hearing several like-minded people say good things about the Brooklyn Book Festival, we reserved a booth and started making plans. Interns Jordan Stillman and Ellen Duffer had the honor of packaging together hundreds of Ploughshares issues.

Jordan Stillman, Ploughshares intern, assembling packages for the Brooklyn Book Festival.

2. Saturday: And then there was the four-and-a-half-hour drive. We crammed 8 boxes, tote bags full of t-shirts, and enough belongings to get us through 1.5 days into a compact SUV. Abby Travis, editorial assistant, had the honor of driving, as it was her vehicle. Akshay Ahuja, production manager, entertained the occupants with readings from The Sun. Andrea Martucci, managing editor, live-tweeted the drive from the back seat.

Akshay reading from The Sun as Abby focuses on the [endless] road.

3. Lunch break about half-way there. The pickles were delicious.

Rein’s Deli in Vernon, CT. We had to break the news to Abby that she still had to drive a ways to get to Brooklyn.

4. Sunday: After arriving much too early to set-up, we had plenty of time to take pictures of our set-up. Here’s the corner of the table where we told people about Pshares Singles. Each story gets its own card so visitors can remember to download the stories when they get home.

Pshares Singles Trading Cards.

5. Randy and Laura, our neighbors to the south, editors of The Coffin Factory. It’s the magazine for people who like books, and they just launched last year. You should check them out.

The Coffin Factory editors Randy Rosenthal and Laura Isaacman.

6. A little later, Mariya and Elizabeth from St. Petersburg Review showed up to share a table with The Coffin Factory.

Mariya Gusev, founder, and Elizabeth L. Hodges, founder and publisher, of St. Petersburg Review.

7. Please excuse the Instragram filter on our booth’s portrait.

The Ploughshares crew and the booth.

8. Our neighbors to the north, Piscataw House Publications/The Idiom Magazine. Can you believe the painting this guy did? We watched him start it at about 10:00 am and by the end of the festival he was done. Also, he used no paint brushes, only issues of Idiom.

Piscataway House Publications/Idiom Magazine and their painter buddy who created this lovely painting over the course of the festival.

9. Our neighbors to the far north, One Story. They just launched a new venture, One Teen Story.

One Story editor Hannah Tinti, second from right, with her book festival staff.

Not pictured: Ploughshares staff talking to hundreds of Brooklyn-ites, driving back to Boston, skipping work on Monday. Thanks for having us Brooklyn — until next year!