Carmen Machado and the Corporeal Text

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Carmen Machado weaves together textuality, orality, and corporeality in her brilliant short story collection Her Body and Other Parties.

Main Street

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Main Street holds an unusual place in my bookish heart: it is one of those novels that I love, but rarely recommend. It is dull. But listen—its dullness is part of its charm.

Raymond Carver, Gordon Lish, and the Editor as Enabler

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As the story goes, most of what American readers love about Raymond Carver is not the work of Carver at all.

The Black Aesthetic: Redemption and Rescue in Jacob Banks’ “Unholy War” and “Chainsmoking”

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Jacob Banks’ latest EP The Boy Who Cried Freedom explores redemption and rescue.

The Limits and Freedoms of Literary Regionalism: The Rules of Reality in William Faulkner’s Fictional County

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There is no conversation on literary regionalism without Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha. The Mississippi-born author’s loyalty to his imagined landscape is perhaps what he is most known for.

Round–Up: The Man Booker Prize, Richard Wilbur, and The T.S. Eliot Shortlist

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From George Saunders winning the Man Booker Prize to the T. S. Eliot Prize in poetry shortlist, we've rounded up the latest literary news.

How Do We Decide What to Read?

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There are too many beloved books and not enough prizes, and somehow they get lost underneath all the news about the really important books that I should be reading.

Splintered Selves and Sexual Abuse in Dorothy Nelson’s In Night’s City

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Set in 1970s Ireland, Dorothy Nelson’s In Night’s City is an obscure, deceptively slim book. Unofficial predecessor to Eimear McBride’s A Girl is a Half-formed Thing, the novel charts Sara’s attempts to assimilate sexual abuse, suffering, and shame.

A Small-Town Coming Out in an Online World

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The Lost Prayers of Ricky Graves starts, like many books set in a small town, with a homecoming.

Readerships Without Borders: An Interview with Michael Reynolds, Editor-in-Chief of Europa Editions

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I chatted with Michael Reynolds about his Bookselling Without Borders program, Europa Editions’ unique mission in the field of translation publishing, and how Reynolds’ life and time abroad informs his sensibilities as an editor.