Ploughshares Presents Tony Hoagland

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We were honored to have Tony Hoagland pay a visit to the Paramount Center back in February. At long last — the official videos are here! You can also check out our Pshares page on YouTube.

Some of our favorite moments:

“I tell my own students, I say you can eat junk food all day long, but you could eat some fruits and vegetables as well. Those empty calories are going to get you into trouble… So I think it is good to read good poetry. But the problem is, when you’re a young reader, you don’t exactly know what that means.”

“Thank God for stanzas, because I’m a formless person. I was weaned in a time of free verse.”

“You know how Moby Dick starts off with that beautiful aria about how people look at the water on a Sunday? You can see them all gazing out to sea. Well, construction sites are just like that for men.”

Part I: Tony Hoagland’s Q&A

Part II: Tony Hoagland’s Poetry Reading
(Watch Tony read from Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty (“Demolition” and “Foghorn”), plus Alicia Jo Rabins’ “How You Came to Be” from our Winter 2009-10 issue.)