Produced as a collaboration between Ploughshares, the School of the Arts, and the School of Communication at Emerson College, the following podcasts feature work published in the literary journal read by Performing Arts and Communication Studies students, working under the guide of Performing Arts faculty member Michael Keck.

Selected works from the literary journal were written by Sara Gelston, Joshua Rivkin, Bro. Yao/Hoke S. Glover, Emma Duffy-Comparone, and Rebecca Seiferle. The pieces selected for the podcast were read, in the Visual and Media Arts audio studios at Emerson College, by the following students: Brooke Bailey, Grace Davis, Eric Ibarra, Marissa Lenti, and Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz, respectively.

All of the pieces were selected from our Winter 2013-14 issue, which can be read and purchased online here. The issue was dedicated to Seamus Heaney (1939-2013), a former guest editor, and featured a short remembrance of the Irish master by poet Joyce Perseroff. The prose pieces were of a particularly international flavor, ranging from settings in Peru to Spain to Australia.

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Alternate Ending by Sara Gelston, performed by Brooke Bailey

House I Keep by Joshua Rivkin, performed by Grace Davis

Law by Bro. Yao/Hoke S. Glover III, performed by Eric Ibarra

The Blue Bowl by Emma Duffy-Camparone, performed by Marissa Lenti by Rebecca Seiferle, performed by Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz

All of the audio files can also be found on our Soundcloud page.