Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2011

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9781888889543.jpgWe just read the list of our contributors nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Official winners are announced in May. If selected, their work will be published in Volume XXXV of The Pushcart Prize: The Best of the Small Presses, which comes out in November.

Seems like a fair time to champion our wonderful authors, many of whom in past years have been chosen for the Pushcart. Cliff Garstang at Perpetual Folly has tallied Pushcarts for fiction since 2001. As of now, Ploughshares still holds the lead among literary magazines for prizes and special mentions earned.

Here are the 2011 nominees, published first in our journal:

WINTER 2008-09
(ed. Jean Valentine)

Reginald Dwayne Betts, “Ghazal”

Rebecca Morgan Frank, “Childless”

Ross Gay, “The Lion and the Gazelle”

Shara Lessley, “Field Song for Archey Valley in Her Mother’s Mother-Tongue”

SPRING 2009 (ed. Eleanor Wilner)


Jess Row, “Lives of the Saints”

Sasha Troyan, “Hidden Works”


Patrick Donnelly, “The Second Law”

Patricia Fargnoli, “Then”

Daisy Fried, “Kissinger at the Louvre (Three Drafts)”

Brigit Pegeen Kelly, “Rome”

Alicia Ostriker, “Demeter to Persephone”

Tim Seibles, “Allison Wolff”

Rebecca Seiferle, “Florescence on 4th Avenue” and “In Any Parking Lot”

Taije Silverman, “On Joy”

FALL 2009 (ed. Kathryn Harrison)


Jessamyn Hope, “Fig Leaf”

Laura Mullen, “Trust (Corps à corps)”

Fae Myenne Ng, “My Confusion Program, an Inheritance of Indecision”