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What Devotion Looks Like: Ploughshares Reader Joel Ferdon

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Ploughshares started out as an idea among a group of students and writers, and has been going, somehow, for forty years now. A lot has happened since 1971, but Ploughshares is still determined to connect with a community of readers and writers on an intimate level. Of course, there

Curating Wonder: Reader Review #4

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Today’s reader review comes from Daniel DiStefano, who looks at our Charles Baxter issue through the prism of lost youth, adolescent fantasies, and the thought process behind mixtapes. Ploughshares Fall 1999, guest edited by Charles Baxter. Featuring work by Jill Bossert, Antonya Nelson, and Michael Byers. 233 pages, $10.95.

The International Issue

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Today’s reader review comes from one of our interns, Rhian Sasseen, who looks back on our Winter 1985 issue, guest edited by Stratis Haviaras with a focus on international writing. Ploughshares Winter 1985, guest edited by Stratis Haviaras. Featuring work by Italo Calvino, Raymond Carver, and Anna Akhmatova. 268

Reflections on Lorrie Moore

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We’re pleased to present the second reader review following our weekly Free Ploughshares contest. Today, reader Lynette D’Amico will be looking at our Fall 1998 issue, guest edited by Lorrie Moore. Ploughshares Fall 1998 Fiction Issue, guest-edited by Lorrie Moore. Featuring work by Mona Simpson, Charles Baxter, and Gish

A Reader Recalls Gish Jen

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Thanks to everyone who has been entering our weekly Free Ploughshares contest! Today we are featuring a reader review of our Fall 2000 issue guest edited by Gish Jen, whose writing helped reader Christina A. Hitchcock introduce a new voice and perspective to her students. Ploughshares Fall 2010, guest-edited