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Do-Overs: A Little Serial to Tide You Over

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Last year’s wildly popular podcast, Serial, will be back this fall with a new case. Looking for something to fill the time while you wait? Why not check out some of the original serials—novels that were doled out in dribs and drabs. Serial follows in a long tradition of

Do-Overs: Text Redux

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I love art from other art. Ballets inspired by narratives. Garments influenced by architecture. Paintings that translate sound into color. Recognizable connections light up our synapses. We like things that remind us of other things, particularly if the connections are clever. (How else do you explain the popularity of

Rachel Kadish

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Rachel Kadish’s short story, “The Governess and the Tree,” appears in our Winter 2011-12 issue, guest edited by Alice Hoffman. “The Governess and the Tree” begins with these lines: Once, in the woods, a tree. Once in the woods there was a tree with the power to tell the