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The Ploughshares Round-Down: The Ebook is Dead. Long Live the Ebook.

One of the best parts of being a book editor is that it gives you a magic power. You take a Microsoft Word file, wave your hand over it and say, “Now it’s a book.” And it’s a book. Up … Continue reading

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How to Read Derek Jeter: On The Devil’s Snake Curve by Josh Ostergaard

The Devil’s Snake Curve: A Fan’s Notes From Left Field Josh Ostergaard Coffee House Press, 2014 253 pages $15.95 Buy: book | ebook Of course every history is subjective, but Josh Ostergaard starts his from an intriguing place by broadcasting … Continue reading

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Why I’m One Bad—But Well-Read—Feminist

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like an adequate representation of “feminist.” When I married my husband a little over seven years ago, I barely waited a month before giving notice at my full-time job so I could give full-time … Continue reading

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From the Ploughshares Shelves: July Debuts

Are you in the market for some top-notch summer reading, ideally from an exciting new author? Does your optimized, fast-lane lifestyle leave you no time to read full-length book reviews? If so, dear reader, rejoice: you are the target audience … Continue reading

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Huizache: The Biggest Little Secret in Texas

As far as literary journal subscriptions go, I only maintain three. I’m one of those writers, and for my sins I mostly miss the great early pieces of writers I come to love years later. This is especially true of … Continue reading

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Book Recommendations That Indulge Your Addiction to That Feeling of Creeping Horror

I was going through a major book slump this past month, and it was driving me crazy. I scanned my way through a how-to that felt flimsy. I rushed through one memoir that felt a bit all over the place, … Continue reading

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Book Recommendations for All You Budding Freelance Writer Entrepreneur-Types

This past winter has been a hellishly bleak and frigid ice-scape, filled with dark mornings, dark nights, burst steam pipes, and broken furnaces. And frankly, it’s been hard to get myself motivated to do the work people are paying me … Continue reading

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Book Recommendations for Those Looking to Transform Their Lives

It’s late February, the time by which most New Year’s resolutions slowly fizzle out and die—assuming they didn’t already crash and burn weeks ago. What!? Me, cynical? Heck no! In fact, I used to be so addicted to the idea … Continue reading

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How To Bulk Up Your TBR List

Hey there. I’m Steph Auteri, and I’m a recluse. It wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time, I commuted from New Jersey into New York City, working first in publishing houses and, later on, on a permalance basis for … Continue reading

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And Then We Came to the End: One Year & Fourteen Books Later

I suck at endings. But that’s something a lot of people say, isn’t it? As if everyone else is really good at quitting a job or relationship or saying goodbye or ending a story. (I’ve never met anyone who claims … Continue reading

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