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How We Belong Somewhere

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How does a poet come to belong to a place? Who are the poets of our American places? As I travel in and around Boston I’m reminded of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. His verses leap to mind when visiting Plymouth, the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, or the Old North Church

Ploughshares at Boston Book Festival

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Hey there, Boston area writers and readers! On Saturday, October 19, Ploughshares will be chatting, selling issues, and answering your questions at the Boston Book Festival in Copley Square Park. Come stop by our booth to say hi. We promise to be charming and personable. No blank stares! Plus,

A Reading for the One Fund

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These have been sad weeks in Boston. All of us in the Ploughshares office were thankfully unhurt in the attacks on the Boston Marathon, and we send our sympathy to the victims and their families. We’ve been heartened by the way the Boston community has come together to support those

Marketing Intern Marketing

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We have some sad news. Jon Simmons, our marketing intern and Emerson College senior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major, is leaving us at the end of the spring semester.   We knew it was going to happen, because in the cruel world of literary magazines interns are ephemeral creatures:

The AWP13 Post You’ve Been Waiting For

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No need to be coy. Step right up and behold: the pre-AWP13 post you’ve all been waiting for! Now, some of you may already know that Ploughshares is based in Boston, the very city that will be teeming with hordes of AWP attendees in a matter of days. Much like