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Life Is Surreal Now: Get Used To It With César Aira’s THE MUSICAL BRAIN

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I’m training early for the very real bizarro world of 2017 by reading César Aira. The Argentinian writer is one of the more prolific contemporary writers in contemporary Latin American letters with over eighty titles to his name.

The Books We Teach #9: Interview with Danielle Dutton

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The Books We Teach series will feature primary, secondary, and post-secondary educators and their thoughts about literature in the face of an evolving classroom. Posts will highlight literary innovations in teaching, contemporary literature’s place in pedagogy, and the books that writers teach. In the spirit of educational dynamism, we encourage readers

Down The Rabbit Hole

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Down the Rabbit Hole Juan Pablo Villalobos FSG Originals, October 2012 96 pages $12.00  When a writer makes a child the narrator of literary fiction, a certain amount of pretension has to be involved. After all, in order to handle the existential and symbolic weight of the story, the