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How to Charm the Pants Off an Editor with the Power of Your Words

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I have to imagine that, within the Ploughshares¬†community,¬†there are just about as many writers as readers: those who love stringing words together, seeing how they taste when they read them back to themselves… Those who continue to look for the best words with which to hit readers in the

Book Recommendations for All You Budding Freelance Writer Entrepreneur-Types

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This past winter has been a hellishly bleak and frigid ice-scape, filled with dark mornings, dark nights, burst steam pipes, and broken furnaces. And frankly, it’s been hard to get myself motivated to do the work people are paying me for, let alone the personal projects that will someday

How to Avoid Homelessness and Starvation As a Writer

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As the MFA vs. NYC book launches, as Emily Gould’s essay from said book makes the rounds, and as the bookternet explodes over the latest publishing controversy, I can’t help but be bored by the whole school vs. experience argument. I mean, forget all that. We’ve been arguing that