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Plenty of Pride & No Prejudice?

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A while ago, while browsing the local Barnes & Noble, a friend and I started discussing how we got into LGBTQ literature, and how much reading specifically queer authors had meant to us in times of turmoil, both personal and not. This was in the aftermath of the Orlando

In Books We Trust: On Reading and Building Identities

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For those of us who have found ourselves marginalized and rejected at some point in our lives because of who we are, books can offer a refuge from which we may attain some understanding of ourselves and the world.

Are You My Mother?

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Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama Alison Bechdel Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, May 2012 304 pages $22.00 This post was contributed by Kim Liao. As a nonfiction writer, I envy visual artists. They get a palette of colors and canvases and, as a result, a vocabulary at their disposal