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Ploughshares Playlist: Winter Issue 2013

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Hello! It’s winter! Which means snow here in Iowa. Here’s a cute puppy running through some: And here’s me, Florida girl that I am: But winter doesn’t only mean cold. It also means a brand new issue of Ploughshares, and a playlist to go with it! Here are nine songs

Red Moon Rising: Playlist for Benjamin Percy’s Red Moon

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In my last post I talked about my love of zombies—the blank stares, the hyperfast sprinting, and the social allegory of the undead—and my less-than-love for the resurgence of swoony vampires. In light of the revival of such classic horror monsters, I’m left wondering: what about werewolves? (Or for

Book vs Movie: World War Z (A Ploughshares Playlist)

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First things first:  Did you all know that Max Brooks, author of World War Z (basis for the newly released movie of the same title), is Mel Brooks’s son? Neither did I. Moving on. I’ll be honest. I’m not so into the recent vampire craze. I can’t get into

The Suburbs: A Multimedia Extravaganza!

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Okay, for my final post about the suburbs (probably), I say enough about books. Let’s talk about what’s really important: TV, movies, music, and even a little art. On The Tube TV is lousy with images of the suburbs these days, but of course it always has been.  Recently,

“Look Who Made It:” A Playlist for Karen Russell’s Vampires in the Lemon Grove

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To me, a new Karen Russell book is literary Christmas. Her new collection tells the stories of characters doing their best to conquer insurmountable odds: addiction, enslavement, the aftereffects of war. The stories explore the strengths and frailties of people; below, I’ve tried to match each one with a

Roundup: Writing and Music

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In our Roundups segment, we’re looking back at all the great posts since the blog started in 2009. We explore posts from our archives as well as other top literary magazines, centered on a certain theme to help you jump-start your week. This week we have posts on writing

Writing Soundtrack: A Step-by-Step Playlist

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A month ago the author Mat Johnson (Pym, Drop, Incognegro) went crowdsourcing on his Facebook page for new music to write to. He’d been listening and writing to Endtroducing by DJ Shadow for years and he’d exhausted the thing. It got me to thinking about what makes good writing music. I