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An Inquiry Into Brilliance: One Last Ride With Robert Pirsig

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Robert Pirsig died last month at the age of eighty-eight. His death was covered widely, but within a day or two it had been washed away by the torrent of offenses and outrages known as the “news cycle.”

Round-Up: Robert Pirsig, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Open-Source Textbooks

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From the passing of Robert Pirsig to new initiatives to benefit college students, here's the latest literary news.

Auto Biography

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Auto Biography Earl Swift It Books, May 2014 368 Pages $18.50 Buy: book | ebook To the casual passerby on North Carolina’s state Route 168—and the County inspectors—Moyock Muscle looked like a junkyard. The lot was overflowing, with hundreds of cars in terrible condition. Cars stacked on top of