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“A Death in the Family” by Billy O’Callaghan

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Nellie was nine years old when her brother Jimmy fell and broke his back. She and the rest of her family could only watch as the injury slowly worsened. The night before Jimmy died, Nellie ran through their small Irish town to make sure everyone was gathered at their

“Endlings” by Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum

"Endlings" follows Dr. Katya Vidović, a woman who left behind memories of war and a dying mother when she emigrated from Croatia to the United States as a child. Now working with adolescent girls who suffer from eating disorders fueled by the fear of losing control, confronts her need

New Ploughshares Solo Now Available!

When a mother and her baby are found dead in their car, a small New England town is forced to confront its secrets. As the news settles and rumors spread, the mother of the young family must grapple with the new understanding that this town isn't the safe and

New Ploughshares Solo: Twice Eggs by Alexandra Johnson

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We are thrilled to announce the publication of “Twice Eggs,” the latest Ploughshares Solo by Alexandra Johnson. The Ploughshares Solos series allows us to publish long stories and essays in a digital format. Recent Ploughshares Solos include “Small Country” by Patricia Grace King and “Portrait” by Kathleen Hill.