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Mess With the Horns: A.L. Kennedy’s On Bullfighting

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Under Review: On Bullfighting by A.L. Kennedy (2001, Anchor Books, 176 pages) Scottish novelist A.L. Kennedy’s exploration of Spain’s matador culture begins, jarringly, with the author in earnest contemplation of her own suicide. Fortunately she backs off the ledge. But the pervasive theme of On Bullfighting, and of bullfighting

Grant Boxing Your Favor: On Joyce Carol Oates’ On Boxing

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Under Review: On Boxing by Joyce Carol Oates (2006, Harper Perennial, 271 pages)  It’s an awesome and unlikely image: Joyce Carol Oates, the gaunt and whispery living legend of fiction, eagerly and appreciatively watching Mike Tyson—yes, that Mike Tyson—spar and grunt his way through his daily training session in quiet Catskill,