This Dark Road to Mercy

darkroadThis Dark Road to Mercy
Wiley Cash
HarperCollins, January 2014
240 pages

In This Dark Road to Mercy, Wiley Cash has married the literary family drama to the dark heist comedy, drawing heavily on America’s pastimes: baseball, custody disputes, and tortured pasts.

Easter Quillby’s father, Wade Chesterton, is back in town. At first Easter tries to protect her younger sister (Ruby, age 7) from his attentions, but the looming threat of having to leave their foster home to live with their grandparents in Alaska pushes her to stick with the devil she knows, and she gives Wade a chance to prove that he really wants to be a father again. The family drama wears the pants in this relationship—the heist comedy doesn’t begin to factor in until Wade kidnaps the girls from their foster home and takes them on the run, paying for their hotel, hair dye, and carnival pitching games out of a duffle bag full of cash.

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