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Indie Spotlight: Unbridled Books

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Unbridled Books was founded in 2003 by co-publishers Fred Ramey and Greg Michalson, who together have more than 50 years experience in publishing plus a terrific track record for finding and promoting literary fiction that sells in the commercial market. Self-described as an independent publisher focused on producing books

Seven Strange But True Tales about Timothy Schaffert’s The Swan Gondola

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Timothy Schaffert’s latest novel, The Swan Gondola, is a rollicking adventure set during the Omaha World’s Fair of 1898, and starring a romantic and rapscallion cast of vaudevillians, actresses, snake oil salesman, and all around ne’er-do-wells. Inspired in part by The Wizard of Oz, Schaffert’s tale is jam-packed with so much

Awards to Ploughshares Writers

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Our congratulations to the following Ploughshares writers who work has been selected for these anthologies: Best Stories: Jamie Quatro’s story “Sinkhole,” from the Spring 2012 issue edited by Nick Flynn, will appear in O. Henry Prize Stories 2013, selected by a prize jury of Lauren Groff, Edith Pearlman, and

Our Gift to You: Free Ploughshares Solo

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Happy (almost) New Year!  2012 was a great year for Ploughshares.  We published three issues edited by Nick Flynn, Patricia Hampl, and our very own Ladette Randolph and John Skoyles.  In addition, we kept busy with blog posts by guest bloggers and debuted our Ploughshares Solos series. Read more

A Q&A with Karolin Felix, Cover Artist of the first Pshares Single

The inaugural Pshares Single, Lady of the Burlesque Ballet by Timothy Schaffert, features cover art by Polish artist Karolin Felix. We chat with Karolin about her artistic practice, fairy tales and freak shows, and what happens to one of her characters once it becomes the star of an e-book.

First Pshares Single Published! Longer stories available in eBook formats

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Over the years, Ploughshares has sometimes received longer submissions that were difficult to publish due to space considerations in the print issue. Pshares Singles is an eBook series for these lengthier stories and essays, selected by our editors. A new Single will be published every month, available for download on your Kindle or

Pshares Singles Launches in just ONE week with “Lady of the Burlesque Ballet”

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Timothy Schaffert‘s “Lady of the Burlesque Ballet,” our very FIRST Pshares Single, will be available just one week from today! You can get your very own digital copy for just $1.99 on the Kindle or Nook. Teaser: In a topsy-turvy ragtime era of side-shows and bamboozlers, Irish Maupin goes

Literary Boroughs #3: Omaha, NE

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The Literary Boroughs series will explore little-known and well-known literary communities across the country and world and show that while literary culture can exist online without regard to geographic location, it also continues to thrive locally. The series will run on our blog from May 2012 until AWP13 in Boston. Please enjoy the third