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Review: WHAT COUNTS AS LOVE by Marian Crotty

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Marian Crotty’s superb short story collection, What Counts as Love, won the 2017 John Simmons Short Fiction Award, judged by Andre Dubus III.

Trudy Dittmar Explores the Uncanny Valley

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Nature writing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but add some cinema and cultural intrigue and you’ve got some evocative reading. Such is the case with Trudy Dittmar’s Fauna and Flora, Earth and Sky: Brushes with Nature’s Wisdom, a collection of essays from University of Iowa Press.

Lungs Full of Noise

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Lungs Full of Noise Tessa Mellas University of Iowa Press, October 2013 128 pages $17.00 Buy: book | ebook In one of Tessa Mellas’s stories, a woman gives birth to a plant-baby. While everyone else is a little perplexed, the mother looks at the newborn—his green skin, leaves and