What I Want From Ploughshares: A List

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What most people want from Ploughshares.

Just about a week ago, I sent an email out to our email newsletter subscribers asking them: “What do you want from Ploughshares?”

The response has been amazing.

…So amazing that I’ve been spending the better part of the week replying. If you wrote to me, I promise I will personally write back. It might just take some time!

The ideas that our readers and writers have shared are wonderful, and we’ll definitely start addressing them in various ways, including blog posts that give more of a behind-the-scenes look at what we do and how we make decisions.

One of our former readers (as in someone who read submissions for us) decided to write a little poem in response to the newsletter question. We thought it was fun, and so we’re sharing it here with you. Hope you enjoy it!

Also, if you aren’t already on our newsletter list and want to be, you can sign up here.

What Sebastian wants.

What I Want From Ploughshares: A List 

By Sebastian Stockman (@substockman)

Tote bags, pencils, coffee cups.
A phone call when subscription’s up.
Sudoku and a crossword puzzle
A Pshares puppy I can nuzzle.

An essay prize, a large per diem,
Isabella Stewart Gardner’s museum.
Ice cream on Sunday, beer at noon.
Wompeters, Foma and Granfalloons.

A pin-up calendar, trading cards,
A chocolate bust of Kierkegaard.
Back issues, in case I’ve missed ’em,
A single-payer health care system.

That’s all I need; it should last me.
Anything I can do for you? Just ask me.


What about you, blog readers? If you don’t get the newsletter, please feel free to share your suggestions for us in the comments.

Image 1 by Anna Gutermuth (Creative Commons)

Image 2 by smlp.co.uk (Creative Commons)