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Anthologies: Collectivization for the Poetry Masses

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Like most writers who are willing to admit it, my favorite poetry anthologies are either ones I’m in or ones I wish I was in: From the Fishouse, Seriously Funny, and Gathering Ground come to mind first. In truth, I’d love the quality and scope of these anthologies even

Third Spacing-It in Poetry

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Thanks to a suggestion from a friend, I’ve been reading a lot of Homi K. Bhabha’s work on Postcolonialism and communicative politics. I’m not really built for critical theory, so I started with Bhabha’s best-known text, The Location of Culture. The fundamental tenet of the book (and this is

Patterns and Need

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Our third guest blogger, Adrian Matejka, is a poet whose poem “Eighty-Eight Days in My Veins” appears in our Winter 2010-11 issue edited by Terrance Hayes.  Adrian will post on Fridays through April. Paul Hegarty said, “Noise is a system of judgments.” He was talking about the qualitative distinctions