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“Those who are still around have an obligation to honor that tragedy but turn it into something else”: An Interview with Hua Hsu

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Hua Hsu’s new memoir ends with his decision to go to therapy to attend to his irrational guilt over his friend’s death. It helps him come to the realization that what he wanted to write was not a eulogy but a “true account of the deceased,” one filled with

“Fiction became a place I made to learn for myself what we have endured”: An Interview with Joseph Han

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Joseph Han’s debut novel can be described in a myriad of ways—it’s a ghost story, an immigrant novel, a meditation on the legacy of the Korean War and colonialism, a multi-generational saga, an eco-Hawai’i novel, even a humorous stoner manual.

“In memoir writing, vulnerability is the highest rigor”: An Interview with Putsata Reang

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Putsata Reang’s new memoir delves into the realization that many of her greatest struggles are rooted in the past, under the weight of inherited trauma and filial duty. Even so, Reang unshackles herself from family history and forges an identity of her own.