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America’s Saturday Church: On My Conference Can Beat Your Conference by Paul Finebaum

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My Conference Can Beat Your Conference: Why the SEC Still Rules College Football Paul Finebaum with Gene Wojciechowski Harper Collins, 2014 273 pages $19.99 Buy: book | ebook I could travel the world for years and never get halfway through my bucket list of all the sporting events I’d love

Word Nerds Gone Wild: A Reading List

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I remember my intern days well. Hell, I was an intern three times: first during college, then again after being let go from my first post-college job, and once more after making the leap into full-time freelance work. Each one of those experiences was different from the others in a

How to Read Derek Jeter: On The Devil’s Snake Curve by Josh Ostergaard

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The Devil’s Snake Curve: A Fan’s Notes From Left Field Josh Ostergaard Coffee House Press, 2014 253 pages $15.95 Buy: book | ebook Of course every history is subjective, but Josh Ostergaard starts his from an intriguing place by broadcasting his subjectivity. Devil’s Snake Curve is Ostergaard’s American history

I Have To Tell You

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I Have To Tell You Victoria Hetherington 0s&1s, 2014 69,000 words $6.00 Buy: ebook While reading Victoria Hetherington’s novel, I Have To Tell You, I occasionally found myself wanting to shake one or two of the characters for a host of self-destructive behaviors and dysfunctional relationships. And just as

Private Tutor to the Stars: On THE HOOPS WHISPERER by Idan Ravin

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The Hoops Whisperer: On the Court and Inside the Heads of Basketball’s Best Players Idan Ravin Gotham Books, 2014 246 pages Buy: book | ebook As a national champion during his only year of college, as the third overall pick in the NBA draft, and as a recipient, this

First Down Te Ching: On The Tao of Chip Kelly

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The Tao of Chip Kelly: Lessons From America’s Most Innovative Coach Mark Saltveit Diversion Books, 2014 128 pages $12.99 Buy: book | ebook Today marks the beginning of the 2014 NFL season, America’s favorite consumption-based present-time activity. Odds are that a family, friend, or loved one in your life

Picasso’s Tears

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Picasso’s Tears Wong May Octopus Books, June 2014 323 Pages $24 Buy: book Few books of poetry this year will have a more interesting back story than this one. Born in China in 1944 and raised in Singapore, Wong May came to the United States in the 1960s to


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Talkativeness Michael Earl Craig Wave Books, April 2014 104 pages $18.00 Buy: book If you were among those persuaded by Thin Kimono (2010) that Michael Earl Craig was a poet to watch, you may consider your intuitions confirmed. Talkativeness dwells a little more deeply in the voice of that

Review: Dear Lil Wayne

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Dear Lil Wayne Lauren Ireland Magic Helicopter Press, April 2014 76 pages $11 Buy: book Joe Wenderoth’s Letters to Wendy’s celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. Sad to say, the book has not aged as gracefully as I had hoped. Every time I bring out a few selections from

Around the World in 209 Teams: A Review of Thirty-One Nil by James Montague

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Thirty-One Nil: On the Road With Football’s Outsiders–A World Cup Odyssey James Montague Bloomsbury, 2014, Bloomsbury 330 pages $18.00 Buy: book | ebook The work-ditching phenomena that our globe experienced throughout June and July, known as the World Cup, is really just the polished and gawked-at tip of the