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Summer’s True Fictions

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It is the subjective “us,” that most basic of true fictions that we use to explain our existence in the present, and, more generally, in time, that interests Ali Smith.

Spring by Ali Smith

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To read a book by Ali Smith is to know that she will ask you to do some work, though that work will always be a pleasure and a bit of a game.

Expired Futures in Ali Smith’s Autumn

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Written in the immediate aftermath of Brexit, Ali Smith’s Autumn questions how ripping up common ground in favour of enhanced borders reverberates through time and into living human bodies.

Fiction Responding to Fiction: Katherine Mansfield and Ali Smith

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Could there be a better way to pay homage to an author than to include the writer as a character in the fiction? In Ali Smith’s story “The Ex-Wife,” included in her collection Public Library and Other Stories, the writer Katherine Mansfield is the other woman.