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The Two Landscapes in Appalachia

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The landscape and the self and the God or the experience of spiritual longing and the reach for transformation are one and the same throughout Charles Wright’s 1998 poetry collection.

Writing Appalachia

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One of the finest contemporary writers mining the extraordinary diversity of the complicated landscape of southern Appalachia is Ron Rash. Rash, whose work sprang to national attention with his novel Serena, writes almost exclusively of these mountains and her foothills.

“Honey, I rode every pig track here to yonder”: Bookmobiles in Southern Appalachia

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Madison County, North Carolina contains roughly 450 square miles of the oldest mountains in the world, with sharply pitched forested slopes, grassy balds, rocky ridges, and swift creeks typical of the Southern Appalachian highlands.

Review: DIMESTORE by Lee Smith

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Hers is a voice that I will never tire of: encouraging, kind, and so forthright about the complexities inherent in life, specifically life lived as a writer, a woman, and a resident of a place that is experiencing the unpredictable transience of time, while also rooting itself in the