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Oceanic by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

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Invoking the “boundless” and the “limitless,” Nezhukumatathil sets out a simple, yet profound, argument about our relations with the natural world: the more we feel the ocean’s embrace, the sooner we sense its particular “hum” everywhere.

Imagining the Anthropocene: The Corporeal Poetics of Marianne Boruch’s Cadaver, Speak

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In her book Cadaver, Speak, Boruch engages in a corporeal self-study through figure drawing, art history, and medical anatomy. From inside her own “bonehouse,” Boruch builds a poetics of embodiment, suturing her firsthand observation to the cultural paradigms that have marked our language.

Review: HARD CHILD by Natalie Shapero

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These often dark and deeply personal poems are armored with comedic turns and allusions to our “rotting times.”

Review: LIKE A BEGGAR by Ellen Bass

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Like a Beggar Ellen Bass Copper Canyon Press, March 2014 70 pages $16.00 Buy: book Exquisitely wrought in language and imagery, Ellen Bass’s third collection meditates on sequencing images. Her poems open in one place and close elsewhere. She signals this with titles that point toward the firsts and lasts,

Review: The Infinitesimals

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The Infinitesimals Laura Kasischke Copper Canyon Press, July 2014 100 pages $16.00 Buy: book Imagine a strange land where tumors that resemble “terrible frogs,” a man with an “unbuttoned” face, and an ever-returning sea beast dwell, and where motherhood is a “grand opera staged in a cave.” This is