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Also a Poet’s Exploration of Not Being There

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It can be astonishing to learn how different our loved ones were when we weren’t around to know them. It can feel like a personal connection is lost, or that the person we know in the present is somehow incomplete.

Notes on the State of Virginia: Journey to the Center of an American Document, Queries XV-XVI

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This is the eighth installment of a year-long journey through Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia. ** Query XV: The colleges and public establishments, the roads, buildings, &c. Query XVI: The measures taken with regard to the estates and possessions of the rebels, commonly called Tories

Urban Pastoral: American City Poets and Poems

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American poetry has a rich tradition of creating space for the full truth of our cities in poems and drawing connections between the interdependent worlds of American city life. Thinking about this tradition in formal terms, we might call it the urban pastoral.